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                  YANN R JUGGLER

    Illuminated   Ambulation   Cabaret
        Phone: 0033(0)6 35 57 48 76



It is in the hot and festive world of Flamenco that you will be able to appreciate this number.

With a wild choreography or magical images more and more intense will follow each other.

This number of luminous object manipulation brings together two disciplines: the manipulation of fans and graphic bolas (equipped with a technology that gives the artist the possibility to program the images of his choice to the rhythm of the music).

It is a subtle blend of the latest object manipulation techniques with the latest LED technology, shaped by an aesthetic and dynamic body expression.


Type of service: Cabaret number.

Duration: 8 minutes.

Minimum required area: Width, depth: 4.50 m, x 4.50 m and 4 m high under the projector.

Frame: Interior.

Apparel presented: Handling of fans and graphic bolas.