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                  YANN R JUGGLER

    Illuminated   Ambulation   Cabaret
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Welcome to my universe combining both poetry and technicality.

I offer you indoor and outdoor visual shows ranging from cabaret to ambulatory animations.

The originality of my work consists, among others, in the fact that I present contemporary juggling disciplines, endowed with the most recent techniques, while respecting a presentation which is in a very wide range, from the purest tradition of street theater to the prestigious cabaret, with all the rigor that this implies.

All in good mood adaptable to your needs and for your greatest enjoyment.



For this performance of contact balls on the theme of the universe of Argentine tango, it is voluntarily that it is endowed with a refined staging, to highlight the intensity of every movement regarding a choreography allying virtuosity and elegance.

The audience will be touched by this cozy atmosphere of pride and magic.


Straight inspired by oriental cultures, this performance tells the story of a magician who at the turn of a long journey in the desert finds a treasure composed of magic balls made of "stones of stars”.

With curiosity and great agility, he will gradually learn the dance of stars, modeled on the movement of planets in the sky until he learns wisdom and the functioning of the universe.

Once satisfied with his learning, he decides he has no need to bring this treasure and leaves as he came in all simplicity, understanding that he already possesses the most precious thing in the world: “ His freedom “.


It is in the hot and festive world of Flamenco that you will be able to appreciate this number.

With a wild choreography or magical images more and more intense will follow each other.

This number of luminous object manipulation brings together two disciplines: the manipulation of fans and graphic bolas (equipped with a technology that gives the artist the possibility to program the images of his choice to the rhythm of the music).

It is a subtle blend of the latest object manipulation techniques with the latest LED technology, shaped by an aesthetic and dynamic body expression.


As a child, who has never dreamed of going to the circus? Well today the circus comes to you with its most emblematic representative, Mr. Loyal.

It is with dynamism and conviviality that your juggler, through his technical performance, will make you experience his enchanting universe which is part of the purest circus tradition.

This animation is ideal for your neighborhood festivals, trade shows, corporate events, etc.


Straight inspired by the medieval world, "Balladeer" is a sympathetic character always ready to entertain as he meets adults or children with his amazing know-how mixing jugglery, manipulations of objects or even music.

Adaptable to many different atmospheres and types of events, this wandering can be practiced indoor or outdoor, day or night (with possibility of adding bright balls).


Particularly recommended for your cocktails, banquets, receptions, etc., this original and subtle ambulatory animation will not leave anyone indifferent.

Indeed, the art of the contact ball mixed with that of the handling of crystal balls, create a captivating, poetic and perfectly complementary visual effect.